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SmallRock Designs Plastic Wall Raised Beds Project

The goal of this project was to provide a "few" comfortable long lifespan Raised Beds.   See
Raised Beds 101 for the background and research.

Note: Because all the pictures of the project are rather large, Thumb nails are shown which link to the "real" pictures.

60K - 1267x480
Time Lapse
( Very Large - 10+ MB )
166K - 1280x650

Note: Our lot was 77' x 100' with NO access to the backyard for anything wider than 36"s. This meant that all materials transferred to the backyard must be moved by hand or wheelbarrow!

Materials Needed:

Tools Needed:

Tools Rented:

Services Needed:

Vendors Used:

We started off removing about 1000 square feet of lawn...

Sorry - Still Under Construction

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