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Woodinville, WA 98072 (USA)
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Many years experience as a software developer, architect, and manager. Integrated, exceptional, understanding of: System & Process Design, Operational & Developmental Processes & Realities, and the complexities of Interpersonal Relationships. With extraordinary communication skills with Customers, Management, Interdepartmental Peers, and Developers.
San Diego State University
Applied Bachelor of Computer Science
Principal Engineer, Integrations Team
to 2018
Supporting and Enhancing integrations code ~100 Repos.
Some technologies used: Junit, JSON, Kafka, AWS(SQS, S3, DynamoDB), & Java.
Amazon (contractor)
Senior Software Developer
Supporting and Enhancing Badging operations.
Some technologies used: Junit, JSON, Spring, AWS (SQS, S3, DynamoDB), & Java.
The Walt Disney Company (contractor)
Senior Software Developer
to 2017
Worked on a small team to enhance (forked, open source, code) to manage security analysis and feedback of other Disney software.
Some technologies used: Junit, JSON, ActiveMQ, MySQL, & Java.
Sinclair Broadcast Group (Sinclair Digital)
Principal Engineer & Lead Developer Production Engineering
to 2016
Designed the Components Architecture and lead the design and development of CLI & Micro-Services (Java & Go) to: support the real-time deployment of audience facing assets; manage and coordinate the Video Slicing; capture real-time analytics, using a "star-schema" to drive trending story lists.
Some technologies used: Go, Java, JUnit, Jetty, Html, CSS, JSON, Edgecast, AWS (SQS, S3, DynamoDB), MySQL.
Amazon Web Services (contractor)
Senior Web Developer
to 2014
Given the responsibility to enhance and maintain the "Simple Monthly Calculator". Majority of work with GWT.
Some technologies used: Tomcat, JUnit, Java, & GWT.
Amazon (contractor)
SME & Senior Developer
to 2014
Brought in to work with the Product Manager and UX specialist to create a prototype “Console” for the Machine Learning team. (Split time with ongoing AWS contract)
Some technologies used: Tomcat, JUnit, GWT.
Google (contractor)
Senior Developer
Working with the Double Click Search team to maintain good relations with a very large client.
Some technologies used: Java, JUnit, ProtoBufs, BigTable, Flume (Map/Reduce), & Distributed Task Processing Service.
Amazon (contractor & FTE)
Senior Developer
to 2012
Worked on a team of over 12 developers with the majority of work around Servlets and GWT.
Some technologies used: Tomcat, Java, JUnit, & GWT.
Wireless Data Services
Senior Developer
Worked as XP developer (XP Team: 6 Java devs) with the majority of work around Restful Web Services and GWT based applications.
Some technologies used: Tomcat, Maven, JUnit, GWT, Spring, Velocity, JAXB & Hibernate.
Windermere (contractor)
Senior Developer
Worked on a team of 4 developers with responsibility for a new Services Layer. This Services Layer was required to support versioned service API and messages, and supporting both Restful Web Services (supporting XML or JSON) and direct connection support via either a direct inclusion of the service JARs of via socket connections with Java Serialization.
Some technologies used: Tomcat, Jetty, Jersey, Ant, JUnit, JAXB & Hibernate.
Expedia (contractor)
Senior Developer
Worked on a team of about 15 Java developers to complete the conversion from a monolithic C++ web application to a Java based SOA web application.
Some technologies used: Tomcat, Ant, JUnit, Spring MVC & DI, & Freemarker (FTL).
A-S Medication Solutions, LLC (contract w/ SNS)
Contract Lead
to 2010
Lead developer, architect, and coordinator/integrator of 6 sub-contractors (3 Java/web, and 3 C#) to create and deploy a Physician's Electronic Dispensing System (PEDS), to facilitate doctors dispensing their own frequent prescriptions. Key technological feature was a Query By Example - Editing combination screen to support SCRUD (Search, Create, Read, Update, & Delete) in a single screen. Primarily Java (& GWT), but with Html, CSS, (very little)JavaScript, and C# work (which included open sourcing WOX2: SVN, based on WOX; a Java & C# library for XML serialization and translation).
Vantos, Inc (when joined was GraniteEdge Networks)
Senior Developer & Chief Software Architect
to 2009
Led the design of the new Investigation Management product for the alpha release. Was a significant code/design contributor over the next nine releases. Specifically led the developement and maintenance of the O/R layer and the GWT based presentation layer. Primarily Java, but with Html, CSS, JavaScript, and XML work.
Boeing (Contractor via Analyst International)
Contract Senior Developer
to 2007
787 Dreamliner Electronic Update System
One of about 30 team members, worked primarily in the automation support for the QA process. Primarily Java, but with lots of XML work.
Senior Developer/Contributer/Committer
to Present
Open Source (public domain) software hobby development:
Where clause builder (Java),
Simple P2P Chat program (Java),
LifeEvent application (Java - MidP), &
Club application (Java - MidP).
ASIX, Inc (now Thomson Reuters)
Senior Developer & Software Architect
to 2006
Worked in a number of projects, in a number of development processes, from a member of an XP Team (5+ developers) to lone developer to lead developer w/ supporting developers, primarily developing Property Tax Management Software. Led the enhancement from a Swing client/server application to a pluggable presentation approach that supports both Swing and a Rich Internet experience. The core frameworks that were created A6FW (online demo available), JuiPiter (description), & JUsefuls have been open sourced. Primarily Java, but with XSLT, Html, CSS, JavaScript (wrote window flooding code) and C# work.
Product Sight Corporation
Senior Developer
to 2001
One of 6 developers (XP Team), developing RFP & Response management system for complex assemblies. Developed with: Java, JSP, Servlets, TopLink, SQL, etc... Of Note...
Highwire, Inc
Senior Developer & XML Standards Manager
Responsible for File Finishing with Customer systems, and integrated login using jIntegra for Java-COM bridging. (Java) Of Note...
Open Travel Alliance (OTA)
Member: Non-Supplier Work Group (NSWG), XML Travel Standards Body
to 2000
In addition to participating in the Data Content Team, Non-Supplier Work Group (NSWG), and representing the NSWG on the Inter-Op Committee, I was a principal contributor to the Architecture Team for version 1 of the OTA's XML message specification.
Smith’s Net Services (SNS)
Lead Developer & Owner
to Present
Responsible for the design & implementation of many projects including:
Met Agent Travel Server - over 100 installations (Java, C++, C, Assembly),
Pilot/Tree Share - many installations (C++).
to 2000
User / Study Groups: SeaJUG, Concurrency Study Group, Refactoring Study Group, ...
Hobbies: Reading, Wood & Metal working.
Available on request.