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Business/Leadership Experience

05/16 – Present         Senior Manager, Production Engineering
Sinclair Broadcast Group (Sinclair Digital)

Led build process improvements and conversion to Docker containers for a number of services.
06/09 - 02/10         Contract Lead
A-S Medication Solutions, LLC (contract w/ SNS)

Recruited, managed, and fired when needed, 6 sub-contractors (3 Java/web, and 3 C#).
10/99 - 10/00         Inter-Op Committee rep from Non-Supplier Work Group
Open Travel Alliance (OTA) XML Travel Standards Body

In addition to participating in both the Data Content Team, Non-Supplier Work Group, and sitting on the Inter-Op Committee, was a principal contributor to the Architecture Team for version 1 of the OTA's XML message specification. Team: Over 75 oganizations were members.
10/98 - 06/00         Chief Technology Officer
ConXtra, LLC

Responsible for the design & implementation of a prototype/proof of concept of ConXtra's Multi-Server XML/http based middleware solution for a Travel Exchange. Some of the key technologies used are: JDBC, validating XML parser (internally developed similar to DXML), Xpath, Java class file (.java) generator from DTD (using Extensibility's DataTypes4DTDs), ISAPI http bridge, Http Load Balancer, Patent-free Asymmetric (public/private key) & Symmetric (private key) cryptography (encryption for XML messages), & Multi-Threaded Socket Server design.
Team: Self plus 4 part-time consultants.
10/96 - Present         President
Smith's Net Services

Responsible for the design & implementation of a Java based (with a little C & C++ support) POS (Point Of Sale) augmentation system for Travel Agencies. The resulting tools are currently deployed to over 100 Users. Some of the features of the Java based tools are: Interactive &/ robotic operation, Resource pooling & management, Multi-Threaded Socket Server design, Automatic posting to development site of learning &/ error files, & Automatic background update process based on Steganography.
Team: Self plus 2 part-time consultants.
12/95 - 10/96         Director, Technology Development
OAG Travel Services (Division of Reed Travel Group)

Responsible for the design & implementation of the JOLT project. A project to collect all purchasing data from Travel Agencies (customers of the ABC division). To facilitate a high level of participation and high quality of the resulting data, a WIN-WIN-WIN solution needed to be crafted. The resulting system design: a WAN based distributed transaction processing system, with Windows Clients, and UNIX Servers; was the result of a number of Customer interviews, and a Customer Focus Group to review the Windows Client Beta and the planned information flows and data displays. In addition to the System Design, Beta Development, Customer Interviews, and Leading (and organizing) the Focus Group; I was also responsible for Sub-Contractor Monitoring.
02/90 - 11/95         Director, Information Systems Development

There were many projects that I either led or was part of a team on. Some of these involved interacting with clients to determine what enhancements they really wanted, and others were primarily data conversion &/ consolidation projects. But my primary responsibility was for the design, creation, and management of a market driven competitive product to provide certain guarantees and services for "Every Travel Reservation for Every Traveler". Some of these guarantees were: the "quality" of certain aspects and internal relationships of a reservation, checking for lower fares, and checking that the traveler is in his/her preferred seats. Some of the services were: automatic frequent flier upgrades, and correcting incorrect (unpreferred) seats. This system was designed (and eventually grew to 150+ machines) to take advantage of "Opportunistic Load-Balanced Clustered" PCs.
Team: Self plus 4 analysts and 4 developers.
Department "Out-Sourced" to EDS: 01 JUL 1994
12/83 - 02/90         Senior Director of Agency Operations

Responsible for the management of the Travel Agency Operations department, and the Agency Development group. A few of the problems in Agency Operations were: Inadequate Agent POS support, no automation support for process monitoring, and no customer & regulatory reporting facilities. Utilizing the Development group, the first was improved, and the latter two were resolved.
Team: Self plus 5 agency personnel, 3 help desk, and 2 developers.
07/80 - 11/83         Director of Research
Pacific Pharmacy Computers

Responsible for the creation and management of the Installation & Customer Service departments, and for the management of the Development group. During my tenure, went from 6 customers (with 6 different versions of the source code) to 120+ customers (with ONE version of the source code, and considerable added functionality).
Team: Self plus 1 help desk person and 1 developer.