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Agency Reporting System

I was challenged to design, develop, and implement a reporting system to provide Client Reports, Internal Management Reports, and ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation) Reporting for QSA Travel's 35 locations. The operation of this system was constrained to 1 half-time employee.
The environment consisted of: dBaseIII and 'C' connected to QSA's proprietary CRS gateways.


To reduce the labor involved in managing 35 locations, and monitoring QSA's automated ticketing system, I was challenged to design and implement a system to sweep all the PNRs from all the queues in the remote locations, and drop them on the Main Office queues. In addition the system was to monitor the progress (for the agents) of individual PNRs thru the automated ticketing system, and finally, to automatically distribute to the agent's queues their PNRs from certain Office and system wide queues.
The environment consisted of: 'C'.
Note: This system was shown to Richard Eastman, and I believe that it was the inspiration for AQUA.

Triad (for PSA: Pacific Southwest Airlines)

Designed and developed an Agency based direct booking and ticketing, dial-in system to PSA's internal reservation system (thereby by-passing the CRS and ARC fees).
The environment consisted of: 'C'.

Commercial PARS Plus

Designed and developed replacement (2nd generation) of QSA's dial-in system to connect to QSA's proprietary PARS (CRS owned by TWA) gateways. The system was to move the dial-in tools from remote agents to corporate secretaries/assistants.
The environment consisted of: 'C'.

C-Series (for SystemOne)

After meeting with SystemOne (CRS owned by Eastern; now by Continental, Amadeus, & EDS), they tossed-out their own design and chose to go with my proposal. I subsequently designed and developed a corporate dial-in booking system for corporate secretaries and assistants. This system dialed into SystemOne's proprietary gateways, and eventually had over 2500 users.
The environment consisted of: 'C'.

TravelShopper (for TWA: Trans World Airways)

Was asked to help design and develop a system to provide all CompuServe customers access to a "friendly" version of PARS. The system was to run with distributed processors communicating and translating between proprietary CompuServe gateways and proprietary PARS gateways.
The environment consisted of: 'C'.