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PEDS (for A-S Medication Solutions, LLC)

Created the Physician's Electronic Dispensing System, a GWT, Java, & C# based application to facilitate doctors dispensing their own frequent prescriptions. Key technological feature was a Query By Example - Editing combination screen to support SCRUD (Search, Create, Read, Update, & Delete) in a single screen.

MetATS (for Metropolitan Travel, subsequently purchased by Expedia)

Created the Met Agent Travel Server that implements POS (Point Of Sale) augmentation system. The resulting system was deployed to over 100 Users. Built on the Travel Server Infrastructure, it inherits all the functionality of the library.
The environment consisted of: Java, Travel Server Controller, and Redesigned HOOK Infrastructure.
Some of the functions of the system are:

Profile Support System

Created a tool (built on the Travel Server Infrastructure) that supports CRS Profile collection, capture, and upload for both SABRE and Apollo.
The environment consisted of: Java.

Travel Server Infrastructure

Created a library (extending the Generic Distributed Server Infrastructure) that supports multi Server Socket connections from both the Travel Server Controller and Redesigned HOOK Infrastructure. This Travel Server Infrastructure is the baseline for a POS (Point Of Sale) augmentation system for Travel Agencies. It can also be used as an unattended robotic system. Some of the features of the library are: Interactive &/ robotic operation, Resource pooling & management, and common Travel industry data structures.
The environment consisted of: Java.

Generic Distributed Server Infrastructure

Created a library that supports a Multi-Threaded Socket Server design with: Plugable multi-layered protocol stack, Automatic posting to development site of learning &/ error files, & Automatic background update process based on Steganography.
The environment consisted of: Java.

Pilot/Tree Share

Designed & Implemented an application launching tool that is designed to facilitate sharing of a single user application. This is accomplished by copying the application's data "tree" from a shared network source. To keep two (or more) users from using the data tree simultaneously, a token/lock is maintained. This was developed specifically to share the data base (tree) of a single Palm Pilot between multiple PCs/users.
The environment consisted of: C++.

Override Director (for Seamless Travel Options)

Designed & Implemented a system consisting of the following sub-systems:

Redesigned HOOK Infrastructure

Redesigned & Implemented new HOOK Infrastructure to eliminate any 16-bit Socket code, and minimize the CRS custom 'T' intersection (by creating a low-level HOOK support interface). The result was three sub-systems:

Simple Bookkeeping System

Designed & Implemented a tool to categorize and log financial events. It could also process this log to generate monthly, quarterly, and annual summaries/reports.
The environment consisted of: Java.

Travel Server Controller

Built on the Tray Control Program, the system launches, kills, and talks to/controls a Travel Server. It also supports the "roll-in" of new versions. The system talks to the Travel Server using Client Sockets.
The environment consisted of: C++.

TimeLogger & Billing System

Designed & Implemented a Time Logging and Billing System. The system consisted of the following two sub-systems:

MS Window's Tray Control Program

Designed & Implemented a MS Window's System/Task Bar Trayable infrastructure.
The environment consisted of: C++.

String Of Pearls (for McCord Travel Management)

Designed & Implemented Proof Of Concept POS (Point Of Sale) augmentation system for Travel Agencies. Note: Pearl == "applet". The system consisted of the following sub-systems: