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Customer Satisfaction Survey System (for Blakeley Enterprises)

I was asked to design, develop, and implement a system to replace the manual tallying process of Blakeley Enterprises' Customer Satisfaction Surveys. After discussions with the principals it was decided to use bar codes to facilitate rapid data entry into a system that would, upon completion of the data entry, automatically produce the reports and graphs that were needed. The resulting process reduced the cycle time from three weeks with 3 people to 3 hours with one person.
The environment consisted of: dBaseIII and Harvard Graphics.

Multi-User Novell System (for University Pharmacy)

Asked to design and implement the first Novell based multi-user system for Pharmacy Management (until then all multi-user systems had used the Timesharing/Dumb Terminal approach).

Pharmacy Chain Management System (for ANA Pharmacies of Nebraska)

Asked to design and implement a Pharmacy Management system for the ANA Pharmacy Chain (17 stores). Unfortunately the system was designed and implemented on CP/M, and after five of the stores were installed, it was discovered that the subsequent stores could best be serviced by the newly released (and rapidly falling in price) IBM PC family (with their larger and cheaper Hard drives).
The environment consisted of: FIFTH (a business application oriented version of FORTH).


Needed an application development system that supported VERY large business programs (800K) yet still operate on a 64K CP/M machine. The result, FIFTH, was a business oriented (decimal point numbers, records/structures, string support, and indexed files) version of Forth with run-time data typing, and demand paged overlays.
The environment consisted of: Z80 Assembly.