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The Early Years

ConXtra, LLC
Lead Developer & Chief Technology Officer & Lead Developer
to 2000
Responsible for the design & implementation of a prototype/proof of concept of ConXtra's Multi-Server P2P XML/http based middleware solution for a Travel Exchange. Final version supported XML P2P connectivity to SABRE & Continental. (Java, C++) Of Note...
Contract Senior Developer
to 1997
Designed a domain specific interpreted language to allow Client/Account Managers to layout how they wanted the Travel Records to be customized for a particular account or client.
OAG Travel Services (Division of Reed Travel Group)
Director, Technology Development
to 1996
Needs analysis, design, prototyping, implementation and vendor management for a WAN-based distributed transaction processing system for point-of-sale reservation data capture from 40,000 travel agency locations. (Delphi) Of Note...
EDS / USTravel
Senior Developer & Director, Information Systems Development
to 1995
Responsible for the design & implementation of many projects including:

    Architected and led the design and implementation of the CRS conversion for 150 offices from the Apollo Reservation System to SABRE, transferring approximately 250,000 profiles and 250,000 PNR's, in a tight six-week timeframe. (C)

    Designed and led development of an emulator which provided a common interface across five CRS's. This also provided dial-in capability for remote development and demonstrations as well as record and playback of CRS sessions (which facilitated regression testing of code with CRS's). (C)

    Designed and developed Maestro, an automated system to quality control PNR's and provide additional services to travelers. Modules included: quality control , data collection, lower rate search, seat verification and correction, wait list clearance, automatic upgrade, and file finishing. Maestro consisted of 96% common code across four CRS's. (PRE-AC)
Senior Developer & Director of Agency Operations
to 1990
Worked in a number of roles, One of the projects I developed was installed in over 2500 sites.
Pacific Pharmacy Computers
Senior Developer & Director of Research
to 1983
Instrumental in changing the companies core product from 6 customers (with 6 different versions of the source code) to 120+ customers (with ONE version of the source code, and considerable added functionality). Of Note...
COMPAL Computer Systems
Senior Developer
to 1980
Of the many projects I was responsible for, the most significant was all work relating to releases 3-8 of flagship product WordPAL (including simulated threading to support background printing).
San Diego State University
Developer (Highest Paid Student Employee)
to 1981
Of the projects I developed, the two main were a Recruiting/Prospect Tracking System for the Aztecs (Football Team), and the Student On-Line Loan Administration System to administer student loans.

Smith's Soft Services
Lead Developer & President
to 1986